Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Weekend riding: 06.28-29.08

Sat.: was one of two taper rides scheduled. We were to originally cycle the Del Puerto Canyon. However, due to Ca. fires and smoke, we rode on the Peninsula. Fab 5's cycled with Coach Greg. We did the Up enough route plus additional miles/climbing. Our team wanted more hills and Coach Greg was game. We had a grand time: Shelly, Grace, Gord man, Gregg and myself. Highlight for me was pacelining with Coach Sasha and the Number 1 team on Foothill and sprinting to the finish.

Sun.: Rick and I joined Cherry City Cyclists and cycled Windsor/Santa Rosa. Before the ride, we went to see the dawn shop of the hot air balloons. They were not able to launch due to smoke/fog conditions. Grand weekend with friends: cycle, eat/drink and merry.

Sat. stats: 79 miles; 8000 feet of climing. Sun stats: 55 miles and 2000 feet of climbing.

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