Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cross training

Since Kick-off, I have started my training during the week: 2 sessions of weight training(one session is legs and core) and the other(chest, back, core); intervals; and my first class of Vinyasa Yoga.  It is harder to get up in the morning as I prefer am work outs so, I am trying post work training.  This Sat. is our first training with DeathRide. We will be having mini clinics regarding cycling skills before our 25 mile ride of 1250 feet of elevation.  Then, Sunday, I will cycling 1-2 hrs. at endurance pace.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hi Velo Dot,

Shelly Dot shared a photo; Susie Dot copied from Michelle Dot.  It is grand to be riding with part of the DOT team on this expedition

Monday, January 28, 2008

Note the picture to the left of this post: some of my friends and me who are training for this hilly journey. What do you think of the past jerseys? 

Sunday, January 27, 2008

TNT Kickoff at the San Francisco Marriot

Today, my Solvang TNT ride was canceled. So, I was able to attend with Rick the official Spring Season Team in Training.  The sports for this season are triathlons, marathons, walkers, hikers, and cyclists.  We met our coaches: 
Jacqui Crist: who is an experienced endurance cyclists: deathride, triple crown, RAMM, Triple bypass etc.

Mike Gifford: who is has the same qualifications

Kim Collier: sports nutritionist, USA cycling coach, and a racer

Sascha Messner: pro cyclist for the European team and endurance cyclist. Love his accent

We have two honorees cycling with us Adrian and Grace who are both in remission!

Our team has 5 mentors: Janet, Alex, Amy, Greg, and Peg.  Our Honoree Captain is KSue, Community Captain is Steve, Web Captain is Dale and Sag Captain is Sherri.  Our team manager is Merla. 

I am very excited to see 35 participating members that is committed fundraisers for the Society.  A majority of us are TNT alumni's and I am looking forward to riding with my friends from the past and hope to meet/make new friends.

Our training calendar for scheduled training rides will be 1904 + miles and 148,100 feet of total elevation.  Watch out Markeleeville!

Thank you all who has donated to my cause. Please note the link above my picture if you would like to make a contribution to my cause.


Friday, January 25, 2008

Kick-Off for Spring Season of Team in Training

Tomorrow, 01/26/08, is our Kick-Off for the Spring Season for Team in Training. Some of my friends are cycling Seattle to Portland, some will be cycling Tahoe, and some will be cycling DeathRide.  I even persuaded Ricky Bobby to train for DeathRide with Team in Training as third attempt is a charm.

If you can not cycle with us, how about raising funds to help find a cure.  I have been affiliated with Team in Training for 8 years. I am proud to be with the Society in making a difference to find a cure for Cancer.  Please assist me in my endeavor. Any amount and/or well wishes is very much appreciated.  My site is