Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cycling Moments

Saturday, July 19, 2008

DEATHRIDE: July 12, 2008

Rick and I spent the week in the Sierras for altitude acclimation and preparation for the infamous Tour of the Ca. Alps.

Rick successfully completed 5 passes; I did 4.5 passes. I did make the cut-off time! Please enjoy the slideshow. I was blessed with so many TNT, non-TNT friends as well as strangers while on the bike. Ride time was 14 hrs. Highlights: cycling in various weather patterns: night time, cool weather, hot/sunny, rain, thunder/lightening and hail on the descent of front side of Ebbits and enroute to Carson Pass. Despite the weather, made the cut off times.

Thank you to all my supporters for this adventure in my cycling storybook.

My new nickname from my TNT peers and coaches: Steadfast Susie

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Week of July 4th

The last posting should have been this date. Oh well. Pre-altitude jitters.

Recovery Week/Weekend 06/28/08

I started my holiday from work, Fri. 06/20. Yahoo. I have been fortunate to spend time at Windsor, DisneyLand, and the send-off for our Deathride Team Endurance. Tomorrow, Ricky bobby and I head to the Sierra's for a week of altitude and recovery rides before the July 12th event.

Thank you one and all for your support.


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Weekend riding: 06.28-29.08

Sat.: was one of two taper rides scheduled. We were to originally cycle the Del Puerto Canyon. However, due to Ca. fires and smoke, we rode on the Peninsula. Fab 5's cycled with Coach Greg. We did the Up enough route plus additional miles/climbing. Our team wanted more hills and Coach Greg was game. We had a grand time: Shelly, Grace, Gord man, Gregg and myself. Highlight for me was pacelining with Coach Sasha and the Number 1 team on Foothill and sprinting to the finish.

Sun.: Rick and I joined Cherry City Cyclists and cycled Windsor/Santa Rosa. Before the ride, we went to see the dawn shop of the hot air balloons. They were not able to launch due to smoke/fog conditions. Grand weekend with friends: cycle, eat/drink and merry.

Sat. stats: 79 miles; 8000 feet of climing. Sun stats: 55 miles and 2000 feet of climbing.

Vertical Challenge: 06.21.08; 111 miles, 11,000ft.

This was by far my most difficult ride of 2008. It gave me a newfound appreciation for those cyclists that rode the DMD and Davis Double with the heat factor component as well. We cycled the back side of Mt. Hamilton (temps as high as 115 degrees) and Sierra Rd. My first for Sierra Rd. Kim told us about the 3 staircase levels:she was right plus some. The back side of Mt. Hamilton is my mental anguish and it won again. With friends support, I was able to complete this ride. The views were incredible; mother nature did not disappoint: sun, heat, thunder/lightening, fires, and some rain. My highlights: finishing this ride; the support of Fab 5's, Kim Collier, and Cherry City Cyclists. The most rewarding memory: sag stop on top of Sierra Rd.: we soaked our feet in cold ice. It was our longest century: 12 hr. total time.