Monday, June 2, 2008

Another blessed weekend in the Sierra's, May 31/June 1

Rick and I had the great opportunity to cycle with some of our TNT Endurance DeathRide teammates this past weekend. It was a first for some. Sat., we started the day climbing Carson. Then, Susie and Kim thought: lets do Blue Lake. I was told that this was a recovery route: wrong. My friends must have been TNT coaches in the past. It was a 12 mile climb but then, you had 12 mile descending: great road, minimal traffic and beautiful views. Sun., some of our commrades cycled Lake Tahoe and others chose to do the front side and/or the back side of Ebbits. The views were incredible. I know my friend Sue B was with me enjoying the views of mother nature at its best.

This coming weekend is Altitude camp with our entire Endurance Deathride team. More joyous times to come.

It is hard to believe only 39 days till the Big Event Day.

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K.Sue said...

Hey Soos you are the best. What a great time: good friends; good views; and bears! Thanks so much.