Friday, May 2, 2008

Booneydoon Buddy ride, April 27th

Rick and I joined our friends from Cherry City Cyclists for the annual Booneydoon ride. We utilized this route for our Deathride training as it was a buddyride weekend. We decided to skip the Marin opt and join our friends for Santa Cruz. Again, this was a great route and thus far, my most difficult. I made the mistake ( I know better) did not refuel properly.

We met at Arastradero in Los Altos. Our route was 118 miles and 10,000 feet of climbing. We cycled thru Los Altos Hills and climbed the remainder of Page Mill. I left the gang early at the start to get a head of the fasties. The first 5 miles the hardest as no great warm up for the climbing and my legs still felt tired from last weekend. I was psyched when I finished climbing Page Mill and joined with Eva/Micheal and Tina at Sag 1. Again, I left the group to stay ahead plus I do not like long breaks. We continued on Skyline North to rt. 84 and descended Old La Honda to Pescadero climb. Again, head of gang, good I am making good time mentally. I stopped at Sag 2 for a cold 7-Up. From this point, I had the opportunity to ride with Mike Melville who is cycling for his triple crown, Eva, Michael and Tina. We regrouped with the whole gang of 12 at Gazo Creek and Hwy 1. This was grand: 25 miles tailwind on US 1 towards Santa Cruz. The fasties met me at Santa Cruz which was good as meandering thru Santa Cruz traffic can be challenging. Cheryl, our sag goddess, had lunch waiting for us at the Park. After 15 min., I took off from the group. I knew the hardest climbing was ahead. I made the mistake thinking of sucking on sports drink alone would suffice me. I had no interest in food as hot hot. Why I did not use my hammer gel until too late? Not right. Mt. Charlie was easier this year. My difficult part was Skyline: 10 miles of rollers and my legs were not cooperating. Rick pulled me and I opted to sag at mile 97. I felt aok as I made it farther this year than last. Rick made the statement, I am use to you leaving me at the end. Ugh...bastard... but true for 07. Yes, I am disappointed in myself for not finishing and not fueling but loved the climbs. See what 09 brings.

Next weekend: cycling the Taste of the Devil. This is in the East Bay and part of Devil Mountain Double (200 miles and 22,000 feet of climbing).

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