Thursday, May 8, 2008

Taste of the Devil: May 2, 2008

Team Ride #9 with our Endurance TNT Team. This day, we cycled 108 miles and 9600 feet of climbing.

This was a tough ride more mentally/emotionally. The week of April 25th we went Go-Live with our Software for the facility to be on Electronic Medical Charting. I have been working 12 hr. shifts with mandated OT and walking rounds. Susie legs are tired. Also, my honoree is fighting a very tough battle. Sue and Bob have made the decision: no further treatments for her cancer. They are allowing the higher power take its course. On top of that, fighting GI bug being a virus or stress.

At the start of the climb of Mt. Diablo, I had a meltdown. Coach Greg was wonderful and allowed me to share my issues. With his motivation and support, I did complete the ride. The views were incredible and the comaraderie of my teammates were fantastic.

The Team is what it is about.

Special thanks to my fab 5 and dream team as well as Alex(team number 1) and coach Greg, Kim, and Jacqui. The hardest climb for me was the false summit on Patterson. I had some words in my head for my friend KSue.(She thought Patterson was not difficult....uhm).

Overall, a great sense of accomplishment. Besides physical endurance, one needs mental endurance.

Our Honoree Grace, accomplished this ride as well. She deserves kudos.

Again, thank you all for your support.


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