Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Easter Weekend of Riding

Sat., March 22: Deathride Training: Oakland Hills

We traversed 52 miles and 4900 feet of climbing. My highlights was to cycle a new hill that I have not done: Snake Rd. The object for today's training: we had 5 hills to cycle. First climb: Pinehurst towards Skyline in an easy gear. This is one of my fav climbs due to the redwoods and seeing the green hills in the distance. Then, we continued on Skyline towards Snake Rd. We: was the Tres Suzettes (KSue, Sue, and Susie), this was an awesome descent. I kept reminding myself that I had to climb this. We then, headed towards Berkeley. Hill number 2 was to be in our Endurance Heart Rate zone. This is one of my fav. climbs, steady grade with views of homes that I wonder how they stay on the hillside. The views towards the city and marin: gorgeous clear day. My highlight was to meet Dale on the climb. Dale and I know each other from Doubles days and TNT. The Suzettes then, headed down Shephard's canyon. A great straight away descent. Oh La La. Then, we had to do climb back up Snake Rd. in a power mode: i.e. climb this hill in a hard gear until your legs burn and then switch to an easier gear. Oh My. Now, why am I doing this? It was a great sense of accomplishment. We then, headed onto Skyline towards Redwood Rd. It was grand to see the cyclists training for the AID's ride for June. Also, saw friends from Grizzley Peak and Oakland Yellow Jackets. Next, we descended Redwood Rd. once again among the Redwoods. Then, the climb to the park in our endurance zone. About a mile from the park, I was feeling it in my legs and realized that I did not eat enough. Refueled at the stop with lots of healthy treats: Kim and Jacqui approved foods. Then, got my legs a going once again and headed back towards Moraga. We took Redwood Rd. back to Pinehurst. Pinehurst was the last climb of the day. This climb was once again a power zone. Ok: legs, you can do it. My inspiration: seeing the Rock Racking kit cyclist zooming by me on Pinehurst. I muttered out loud, he makes it looks so easy. A male cyclist passed me and said he should make it easy as he does this for a living. KSue informed me that it was Freddie Rodriques, Pro Cyclist, on the Rock Racking Team. My sense of excitement renewed. Then, I descended Pinehurst and recognized a luna chix team mate. I also belong to the team Luna Chix. The Suzettes, then, had a nice flat finish with some rollers and bilivits to the finish. What a mental boost to beat team 2 in. What a grand day. I felt good and strong. Post ride, we went to teammates Alex and Gloria's home for a potluck. It was good to meet our honorees and check on their progress. Our newest representative is Emanuel, 10 years old, and he was diagnosed with leukemia June 2007. He is tolerating chemo and maintaining his school attendance. He has the grandest smile. Then, Jim Pixton updated us on his family status. Followed by Chris and his 23 year celebration from Hodgkin's and 5 year survival from Testicular Cancer. So, when you thinking that you are having a bad day, just think: you have your health.

Today: Easter Sun. March 23rd, There were 9 of us that did a recovery ride. We cycled 52 miles and about 3100 feet of climbing. We cycled the East Bay Calaveras. Friends from TNT Solvang, TNT Deathride, and Cherry City Bike club. By the end of the ride, I was tired. I had the pleasure of an awesome 2 hr. nap at home.

Again, thank you all for supporting my cause and raising funds for the cure of blood cancers.


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