Thursday, April 3, 2008

18 Hills of the East Bay, 03/30/08

I was able to leap frog with my team this past Sat. The Dream Team is one of 5 teams of the TNT Deathride. Each weekend, our rides are longer in miles and more difficult in terrain. We cycled 72 miles and conquered 7000 feet of elevation. Besides the miles and terrain, we tackled mother nature: cloudy cool weather, misty/rain, dense fog, and sunshine. We had awesome sag supports. My favorite was Chris Robinson bicycle shop who served us expresso. His father is fighting cancer and we had the privilege to meet him at the store. It was grand to see his smiling face and cheering us on. I felt good on this ride and enjoyed the conversations of my teammates. Kim was our coach for the day: watch our pace, power on the hills by using harder gears, focus on heartrate, focus on fueling, focus on team vs. solo, and have fun.

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