Thursday, April 24, 2008

Terrible 2 and Geyers: April 19th weekend

Another first for me as far as cycling in Sonoma, Cloverdale, and Santa Rosa. For our Deathride training, we did a section of the Terrible Two Double (mile 90-198) portion. How exciting to start climbing less than a 1/2 mile from our starting point. There were times that we were climbing at a rate of 200-300 feet per mile. However, with the great ride company, sunrise, and the beautiful views, it did not seem horrible. The hardest climb was the third: mile 51-53.4: 18-22% grade. Ugh.... so glad we did this route. Highlights for me, redwoods, ocean views, tackling the climbs, and riding with the Fab 5's. I had the privilege to ride with Grace, a year post chemo. She never gave up. We did a total of 11354 feet of climbing in 108 miles.

Sun., we were to do the Geysers: 43 miles and 4000 feet. My legs did not have the energy. So, KSue, Rick and myself improvised and met our group on the other side of Geysers. 41 miles and 2300 feet of climbing. No complaints from me. By far, this has been my fav. training route.

This coming weekend, we will be joining Cheryl and Rick for our Booneydoon: 130 miles and 12,000 feet of climbing.

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Phil said...

amazing! keep up the great work bumpster!